Meet our OM-bassadors

MEET SIERRA  { @sierradub }

Hi, I 'm Sierra and I teach heated and non-heated yoga and meditation on the island of O’ahu. I enjoy teaching teenagers and young adults the benefits of mindfulness because I started yoga when I was fifteen and it changed my relationship with my self and my loved ones. I enjoy learning about Ayurveda, the science that backs up the benefits of meditation, and neuro-diversity. When I’m not practicing yoga in my root to rise at Hot Yoga by the Sea, I am most likely on the beach.


MEET NATALIE ( @locayogi )

Natalie is a fear-conquering, norm-breaking, belly- laughing athlete turned yogini. Although she always had a love for yoga, it became a consistent practice in her life after she acquired a knee injury while playing college soccer in Miami, FL. Yoga provided her with the opportunity to connect with her body and calm her mind at a time when doing so was extremely difficult, and it continues to do so. She deepened her practice in March of 2017 upon the completion of her 200-hour yoga teacher training at 305 Yoga Miami Lakes, where she later began teaching. Since then, she has completed additional trainings in trauma-informed yoga and private yoga-instruction, and has taught classes to children and adults from all walks of life. Natalie truly believes in the healing powers of yoga. To her, it is so much more than a physical practice. It is a practice that allows everyone to experience the freedom that comes from remembering your true self… and having a little fun. 


MEET DEE ( @cirque_dee_bresla / @olivestreetsoapcompany )

De Ann is a sweet kind hearted joyful mommy of two amazing kids, a world explorer, an enterpreneur and a founder of a nature-friendly sustainable small pesonal care products business.

She grew up in the country surrounded by the beautiful landscapes and star-filled skies of the Southern Illinois that nurtured her love of outdoors, nature, animals and exploded into Dee's today's fun packed, vibrant, high-spirited, active lifestyle. Fusing that with her love for travel and passion of a true world Fusing that with her love for travel and passion of a true world explorer, her avid photographer skills and her newly-found affection for yoga, acro, hooping and martial arts. Her appreciation for nature and innate enterpreneural spirit culminated in her personal skin care business - Olive Strees Soap company, that she started in an effort to provide a healthy personal care products using a sustainble business model, and stand against the harmful distructive effects that mainstream cosmetic induand stand against the harmful distructive effects that mainstream cosmetic inductry has on the human body and the environment.

De Ann holds Red Belt in Taekwondo, has been practicing yoga for 4 years and acro for a year and a half. She is the true master of seizing the moment and living the life to the fullest.


MEET GRACE { @graciffer }

Hello lovelies, I’m Grace! I started doing yoga when I was seven or so with my mom and have been loving it ever since. I am a Baylor alum (sic em bears!) and graphic designer for a small jewelry company. I have a cat named Luke Skyhopper and I love playing with essential oils and binge watching Netflix in my free time. I am a huge supporter of small, woman-owned businesses & I’m so excited to have been selected as an OMbassador for Root to Rise! Catch you on Insta! xx


MEET CARO LINE { @only_me_caro }

This gorgeous and inspirational gal is our second international OM-bassador! Hailing from France, be sure to come back to read her full bio ( coming soon ) 


MEET AMY { @amywuyoga_barcelona }

Amy is our very first international OM-bassador! Hailing from Spain, meet Amy! After traveling, working and volunteer for 8 years around the world, Amy is now rooted in Barcelona, Spain since 2017 teaching her own group classes of traditional Hatha, Ashtanga inspired, pre-natal and trapeze yoga. She discovered yoga during her travels in Thailand and was finally taken to Rishikesh India where she trained for her 200TTC in Hatha and Ashtanga in 2016. Since then her practice has changed dramatically, as well as her mind, and yoga is now an essential part of daily life. Amy decided to teach yoga after the course (not her original intent) due to the incredible positive effects it has on her. Yoga has helped her cultivate a healthy mind & positive way of thinking. This is why she decided to share & support others who discover each other on their journeys through the power of yoga. 


MEET JEN { @jensyogajourney } 

My name is Jennifer Morrison. I lived in Arkansas most of my life. A mantra that best describe me is: “The most important things in life aren’t things.” - Anthony J. D’Angelo. I am a wife and a mom of 2 kids, 3 dogs and a cat. They keep me really busy.
In today’s world, I understand that we all stay busy with our family and work that we have no time take care of ourselves. I believe in order to take care of our family that we have to take care of ourselves first. I started practicing yoga with my sister in law in May 2015.
We did it so we can stay connected and to take care of ourselves. We pretty much taught ourselves through communication on Instagram on how to do certain poses, flows, etc and following some amazing yogis.
I really enjoyed how I felt when I got through with my practice. I felt confident, strong, relaxed and I had more energy. I wanted to be able share this experience with other people, so I went on to get my certification to teach yoga. I received my 200hr certification in Hatha Yoga in August 2017. I started teaching March 2018.


MEET DESI { @desi.ember.moon }

Desi is a free spirited artist who has recently taken up yoga. I adore the vibes she brings to the ROOT family!


MEET GINAMARIE { @sweeet.beet }


MEET CHRISINDA { @chrissarella }



MEET JOSEPHINE  { @josiedc83 }

Josephine is a spunky, quirky mama of 2 rambunctious boys.  She is a
lifelong yogi that has been practicing for 10 years and teaching for
4. Josephine first started with Bikram and Ashtanga yoga to lose
weight and get back into shape after having her first son.  She was
immediately hooked and what first started out as“me time” on the mat
soon transitioned into a daily routine at home and eventually sharing
her love of yoga with others.  This has not only helped her get
through some tough times but also keeps her calm and level headed as
she navigates through life “off the mat” using tools she has learned
in yoga classes.  She has also practiced Iyengar, Kundalini, Baptiste,
Buti, Yin and other types of yoga and still enjoys learning different

Josephine truly believes we are all born yogis and her passion in life
is to reach and connect with as many people as she can to help them
discover their true magic within.


MEET ASHES { @ashes2ashes_dust2dust }

I recently moved back to my hometown of Little Rock, AR where I'm working & also starting back teaching as a private Yoga instructor. I spent a year in Asia teaching kiddos & absolutely loved it. I love any kind of flow but my heart enjoys teaching Yin/Restorative the most. I like one on one sessions/small groups because it's more personalized & I feel as though I can help more as well as focus all my energy on those individuals. My wish for everyone is to follow their bliss.


MEET ULRIKA { @yogajourneys }

Ulrika is an inspiring international yoga instructor. Along with leading annual Yoga Journeys worldwide at top notch, sacred destinations, Ulrika teaches popular yoga classes in Larkspur Landing, CA. She has been a supporter of my small business and our values since day one!

Learn more about Ulrika at her website;


MEET JEN { @jenjaia }

Jen teaches a variety of yoga and leads FitTrips here at Calistoga Fit. We adore her spunky spirit and beautiful practice.


Do you want to become a OM-bassador?

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A little about my company; 

When you buy ROOT to RISE you support a family, not some mega company. You also support the well paid artisans that make our fabrics, print, cut and sew each pant to order. You support eco-conscious materials and ethical manufacturing processes. You support real people. One pant at a time. Wear your values.

We also create prints each season that benefit various charities. We believe that giving back is a fundamental limb in the practice of yoga. 



Q-Do I have to have, like a bajillion followers to be an OM-Bassador?

A- Heck no! You can have 1 follower! All I look for is like minded, fun loving folks who love life, moving ( or not! ) and believe in my little business's mission to do good! 

Q- So do I have to be good at yoga?

A- Nope! Newbies and non-yogis welcome! Love is all I look for!